There are several one-way routes possible in the Aegean Sea since Lavrion is upwind from the Cyclades and Dodecanese islands.

Joining this sailing trip, you take the opportunity to visit some of the most interesting islands of the Cyclades & Dodecanese area, cross the Aegean sea and reach Samos island.

A unique route that will offer you more than expected!

Departing from the southern part of Athens and more specific from Lavrion port, we start sailing to North Cyclades.

1st day Kythnos (Merichas)

25 sea miles sailing from Lavrion port we reach Kythnos island and more specific Merichas port. The island of simplicity and hospitality, the whitewashed settlements of Hora and Dryopida will lead you to a terrestrial paradise.

2nd day Syros (Foinikas)

Next sailing destination Syros island 29 sea miles from Merichas. The capital of the Cyclades, Syros, is at the same time cosmopolitan and Cycladic, stately and traditional, Orthodox and Catholic. The main town is built on two hills, has a dual identity. Ermoupoli (Hermes’ town) is stately and grand, topped by an Orthodox church. And above it, Ano (Upper) Syros is a typically Cycladic village but crowned with Catholic monasteries and churches.

3rd day Naxos

Sailing 31 sea miles southern we meet Naxos. Located in the heart of the Aegean, Naxos is an island with a long history, cosmopolitan air of a modern tourist resort but also retains its traditional color and its folk culture. The seemingly endless shoreline lapped by clear waters and shaded by cedars that extend along the southern and southwestern coasts.

4th  day Koufonisia

22 sea miles from Naxos we reach Koufonisia. On Koufonissia space and time dimensions are different from what established theory has led you to expect. Koufonisia is a dreamlike destination, with exotic beaches and beautiful views of the Aegean sea.

5th day Donousa

Destination Donousa 18 sea miles from Koufonisia. Donoussa is a beautiful small island in the southeastern Cyclades, the island is 14 square kilometers and the gray steep cliffs plunge into the sea creating a spectacular scenery. In Donoussa you will find unspoiled paradise beaches with crystal clear water, where you’ll enjoy swimming all day long!

6th & 7th day Patmos 

Patmos island, which is also known as the “Island of the apocalypse”, has secluded beautiful beaches. The Monastery of Saint John, which is situated on the top of a hill above Chora, is protected by walls, which make it look like a fortress. Chora is the island’s capital and boasts traditional architecture, thus it’s full of whitewashed houses.

8th day Marathi & Arki island

A small complex of 2 islands. Marathi is a little island of 35.5 hectares east of Patmos, with total coastline almost 4 km. On the island there is only one sandy beach, there are no roads, no cars, no stores.

Arki or Arkioi is a small Island in the southwest of Greece. The Island has its own soul and spirit, which is caused by the 40 inhabitants. Dry land, rocky terrain and exceptional beauty by emerald and turquoise waters.

9th day Samos (Pythagorio)

Samos, the island of Hera and Pythagoras, more beaches than you can count and a famous wine to sweeten your evenings. This luxuriantly green island was the birthplace of the goddess Hera, wife of Zeus, of Aristarchos, the celebrated astrophysicist and of the great mathematician Pythagoras.