Sail from Paros island to Kos island

Cyclades meets \Dodecanese

Departing from Paros island, Paroikia port we start sailing in Cyclades.

1st day Paros, Naoussa port

10 sea miles sailing from Paroikia port we reach Naoussa port and capital city of Paros island. Picturesque alleys and the Venetian castle on the beach, add a magical note to the scenery, in combination with the marina and the small and big fishing boats. Naoussa is a traditional fishermen village since it has the biggest fleet of fishing boats in Cyclades.

2nd day Naxos

Next sailing destination Naxos island 10 sea miles from Naoussa. The biggest and the greenest island in Cyclades, Naxos, with stunning seascapes, traditional villages and beautiful old churches, monasteries and Venetian castles coexisting harmoniously with Cycladic cubic houses.

3rd day Schinousa

Sailing 20 sea miles south we meet Schinousa. The wild landscape, the isolate beaches, the hospitality of the locals and the true Cycladic style amazes visitors.

4th day Amorgos, Aigiali bay

Sailing another 23 sea miles we meet Amorgos island and we drop anchor to Aigiali bay. Amorgos is the easternmost island of the Cyclades, undoubtedly this is the island of contrasts. On one side, mountains and on the other, steep slopes ending up on fairytale beaches with crystal clear waters. The island with its Cycladic-style color and its unspoilt overtime traditional character will impress you mainly because here old meets new in perfect harmony without one to alter the other.

5th day Levitha

Levitha is a small Greek island located 27 sea miles east from Amorgos. An island inhabited by a single family but pretty, quite an enchanting place.

6th day Lipsi

Lipsi island, is 20 sea miles north east to Levitha. Crystal clear waters, beautiful, secluded beaches, and laid-back atmosphere are the highlights of the island!

 7th day Leros, Panteli bay

Leros, according to the myth, Leros island was where the ancient Greek goddess of hunting, Artemis, used to go for hunting, thanks to the island’s large deer population. Leros is dotted with picturesque villages and magnificent beaches, which are known for their crystal-clear water.

8th day Kalymnos, Vathi bay

We sail 11 sea miles southern and we reach Kalymnos, the island of the sea-sponge harvesters. An island with rare natural beauty, combines the rich marine life with the authentic hospitality..

9th day Kos

15 sea miles southern we meet Kos. Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates «the father of medicine», the Medieval Castle is in the entrance of the port and its two surrounding walls are interconnected with a bridge.